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Psychology of Sport

From a critical perspective, analyse and evaluate the specified video in terms of its content and the topics we have covered from week five of the module onwards Watch the video from the link below and analyse.

Identify aspects/elements of the video which have featured in the module from week 5 onwards… (Pick 2 Or A Maximum Of 3 Of The Topics). What is going on in terms of thoughts, feelings, behaviours etc Consider them in terms of the context/situation of the video Also consider them more broadly in terms of coaching and sports Be critical in your thinking: bring research together, consider methodologies in research cited, making statements about their findings and what that means This video is NOT specifically about your sports coaching! But you….

Rogerian Argument Letter -Given CTE, should the rules of contact sports change? Or: should athletes avoid particular sports given CTE

Objective: To apply what you have learned about arguments and audiences, this assignment gets you to strategically present arguments in a particular style so as to acknowledge a resistant, or hostile, audience in a collaborative manner.

Instructions: Write a letter, addressed to a specific resistant audience, that argues for or against one of the issues on the following page. For example, if you are writing a letter that is pro-choice, a specific resistant audience might be the Pope, or  the Pro-Life Action League (not pro-life people). Depending on the audience you choose, you must write a persuasive letter that aims to persuade him/her/them otherwise.

Think of this letter as an exploratory mode of writing (for both you/arguer and your opposing audience).There is a guide regarding the structure of….

the basics associated with sport budgeting

A budget is a plan. The chapter starts with examining the importance of financial planning. Through understanding the basics of planning and why it is important, an organization can then develop a budget. The chapter examines the impact of financial planning and, often more important, the danger of not planning or of using the wrong information to develop plans. The chapter ends with strategies to help develop a formal plan to convey the future direction of an organization through pro forma financial statements (including a budget) and business plan.


Budgeting is a process that focuses on providing managers with information and tools to manage fiscal resources and operations.  Well-constructed budgets ultimately allow managers to make informed decisions.  Budgeting is linked to organizational goals and objectives.  Budgeting allows….

Discuss the opportunity costs of the public subsidies of a city 

Next, watch the following video:

Now please watch this video:

Now read the following article:

Ok, no more videos or articles to read. Are all these public subsidies for stadiums and arenas in the U.S. and around the world worth the extra taxes? So address the following issues (You can concentrate on a particular stadium or arena of a professional sports city if you would like):

•Discuss the Psychic Income of having a stadium or arena in your city

•List some forms of public subsidies of professional sport franchises/stadiums

•What are some of the positives and negatives of the various forms of public subsidies of professional sport franchises/stadiums

You are to use at least 3 references to formulate your initial reply.

Sport Legal Environment and Broadcasting

By reference to a sport of your choice, analyse the changes that have occurred in the way that it has sold its broadcasting rights over the last decade (or since its inception if more recent) and in the legal framework which has helped to shape those changes.


Broadcasting rights should include ‘traditional’ TV rights, as well as those for other media, such as mobile phones, internet etc.


Criteria for Assessment


Distinction (70- Merit (60-69) Pass (50-59) Pass (40-49) Fail (0-39) 100)* Nature of topic(s) Identifies and Identifies and Identifies the Identifies the Fails to and Introduction describes the describes the nature of topic(s) nature of topic(s) identify the (10%) nature of topic(s) nature of topic(s) correctly with correctly with nature of topic(s) critically and correctly….

Sport and Exercise Physiology

Via Blackboard, access the data you generated in weeks 5, 6 and 7 during the practical sessions Anaerobic performance and capacity, using these data produce a written scientific report on the practical you completed.

The report must conform to standard scientific format and comprise of; Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, Reference list. Work must be word-processed, double spaced, in size 12 Arial font.


You will be assessed on the following:


Title: Succinct, clear and accurate

Introduction: Background information on the importance of measuring anaerobic performance and capacity; summary of methods available including previous research that has measured anaerobic performance and capacity; assumptions and issues relating to the measurement of anaerobic performance and capacity; aim of research.

Method: Detail on Subjects, equipment and protocols, do not use lists….

Relative age effect; Looking at the male England under 17 national team

Understand the use of research and statistical principles in sport and sports science Know and understand how to undertake research through both academic and professional reflective practice Investigate and assess theories, paradigms and principles of research in sport, exercise and fitness Critically assess and evaluate evidence gained from a variety of sources Select appropriate techniques to evaluate data Apply subject knowledge to interpret data and draw logical conclusions Critically interpret data using descriptive statistics Develop a reasoned argument and challenge assumptions Reflect upon the research undertaken and suggest improvements

Questions that are Researched

Is RAE a factor in England u17 squad section during UEFA championship finals?

Teams each season (Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4) and (S1 Vs S2) All England teams (Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4) and (S1 Vs S2)

Using t-statistic and chi squared to….

write a report on the Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre using the materials provided and the Workplace Solutions Agency report style guide

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

The candidate is required to plan a document including task analysis, generating ideas, researching and planning an outline.

Assessment description

For this assessment task, plan your report, gather planning materials including a written plan/outline of your proposed draft, and meet with your assessor to answer questions in relation to writing task analysis, planning and organisational requirements.

This assessment task, once completed, will form a first step towards completing Assessment Task 2, in which you will follow your Assessment Task 1 plan, write the draft, edit the draft and….

Critically analyse any planning or design issues of the facility and write a report regarding the suitability of the Adelaide Oval stadium for its purpose.

Analysis of the planning and design of a sport and recreation facility.


Content                                                                                 15



– Overview and background of the stadium (i.e., History, details of the stadium and its construction)



– details of the stadium, where it is, what it is meant to do (who it is meant to serve….what are their needs?)

Can include  issues of access (public transport, parking, disability access) etc

Planning & design features & quality

– Primary spaces, Secondary spaces, Safety and security issues, Sustainability (environmental)

Standard, level of amenities

– Assessment of the facilities standard and range of facilities

Suitability of facility for purpose

– Overview of all the points raised previously. Does the stadium meet the purpose it is intended to….