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NAFTA’s effect on Mexico and its impact on corridos(or narco-corridos)

Thе followіng in the email the рrofessor sent to the сlass. He goes over the question: how does NAFTA imрact corridos?(You alreadу wrote a paper for me about NAFTA and corridos topic, it was order # 81957789). He also explains what course material to utilize to answer the questions in the MIDTERM prompt. I will upload the necessary material needed to write the paper.

// Professor’s email begins here

Class, This week is our second lecture on corridos and narco-corridos. Last week I posed the question; how does NAFTA impact corridos? Many of you were on the right track in discussing the violence and poverty that has plagued Mexico as a result of the implementation of NAFTA. In the provided PowerPoint, I will explain the role of NAFTA….

There are over 50 million Latinos/people of Hispanic decent in the United States, but what do we know about them/us?

Order instructions

INTRODUCTION:  Encuentro Cultural: Latinos en nuestra comunidad. There are over 50 million Latinos/people of Hispanic decent in the United States, but what do we know about them/us? The objective of this activity, and subsequent Encuentro Cultural assignments in our first year Spanish courses, is to raise awareness about the members of our community, our family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, entertainers, etc. This assignment is intended to foster an engaging cross-cultural encounter that promotes contact with Spanish speakers or with Spanish-speaking cultures under circumstances that promote meaningful, positive interaction.  Please review the rubric before completing the assignment.

Step 1 (Research) Choose a geographical location. It can be the place you are from, a nearby city you are interested in or the place where you currently live. You must….

Compare and contrast the treatment of the Indians of North America (under French and British rule) with those in Mexico & South America (under Spanish jurisdiction) during the colonization of both regions.

PAPER GUIDELINES Papers must be analytical or argue a point that is not an established fact.

Papers must be 1,500 words (not including bibliography). You must cite six sources…at least four print sources, no more than two can be web sources. Follow MLA format.


Choose any TWO of the following questions. Read each question carefully, answer all parts, and STICK TO THE TIME PERIODS ASKED ABOUT IN EACH ONE. Responses should be about 750 words per question (about 1,500 words total for the two questions not including bibliography).

For each question you must use at least three different sources per question and have an in-text citation from each source (you can paraphrase as well but you must include a direct quote. NO BLOCK QUOTES). Of the….