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Plate Tectonics Lab Assignment

Plate Tectonics Lab Assignment After reading the introduction to the Plate tectonic exercises in the manual, complete the questions on a hard copy of this Lab Assignment. When finished, transfer your answers to the lab assessment in BB Vista, save each answer individually if you feel that you are not to going to complete the whole assignment in one sitting. Do not press the “FINISH” button until you have filled all the answers and are ready to get it graded. Before the submission deadline, you can open the incomplete lab assignment for modifications as many times as you wish, but you will only be able to submit it once for a grade. Part 1- Lab Manual The exercises that follow are adaptations of the Plate Tectonics exercises contained….

identify and explain a sustainability solution at your campus or local community level.

The topic of this homework assignment is to identify and explain a sustainability solution at your campus or local community level. Complete the following steps:

Identify two organizations near you (e.g., your city, county, or state) that are involved in creating local sustainable solutions. Examples would be a community garden, green building initiatives, recycling programs, renewable energy projects, public transportation, etc. Once the two organizations have been identified, write a two-page report on those organizations that includes a brief summary of what they do, the goals of the organizations in terms of sustainability, and finally, how people in the community can contribute. 2 full pages minimum in paragraph form

Describe the issue and discuss its effects on ecosystems, human health, and the economy

Week 1 – Discuss Environmental Issues We Face Today

Contains unread posts

This week, our readings have introduced us to several pressing environmental issues we face today. Briefly describe an environmental issue that resonates with you the most. This can be an issue that you have encountered where you live or have previously lived, that you have watched a documentary about or read about in the news, or that you are simply interested in.

Describe the issue and discuss its effects on ecosystems, human health, and the economy. Additionally, select one historic figure covered in our readings this week and briefly describe his or her viewpoint on the issue.

explain how carbon can move from one reservoir to another.

Carbon is constantly on the move through the different components of Earth’s Geosphere and Biosphere, but at very different timescales and spatial scales. For example, the processes that move carbon from the ocean (hydrosphere) to the lithosphere happen over a very large spatial scale and can take timescales of millions of years. In contrast, the process that moves carbon from the leaves of plants in the biosphere to the atmosphere happens in minutes and at a spatial scale as small a leaf’s surface. In this Lab, you will have the opportunity to explore how the global carbon cycle and subsets of the carbon cycle operate on very different spatial scales and timescales. In Part A, you will explore the role of food webs in a subset of the….

How does the author introduce the article (for example, do they tell a story to situate the topic, or do they discuss other research, a media report, an event)?

YOU are responsible for reading and understanding these instructions.  If you turn in an assignment that does not follow these instructions, your grade will reflect it. You cannot say I didn’t warn you. The  purpose  of  this  assignment  is  to  have  you  explore  the  type  of scholarly research  being  done by human geographers.  The project will give you an understanding of the breadth and depth of research that geographers do, point out important issues in this sub-field that are the subject of academic research, and give you insights on how geographers conduct research and present that research.  This assignment requires you to focus on articles in peer-reviewed, scholarly journals rather than popular media.  There are several things that distinguish scholarly articles from other types of writing.  Firstly, these….

Geology Questions

1.Many of the products you use everyday are derived from petrochemicals, substances obtained by the refining and processing of petroleum or natural gas. While there are great debates occurring worldwide about human’s use of petroleum as a fuel source, there are many products you might not think about that are manufactured using petrochemicals. List five products that are manufactured using petrochemicals that you would not want to do without.

2. Many of the mineral resources we use are extracted from extensive open-pit mines throughout the United States. These mining operations provide jobs and resources that our country needs. They also require extensive set-asides of both public and private lands and can destroy habitat for vulnerable species. How do we balance our resource needs and protect our natural lands and water supplies?


How could this GIS tool be used by architects and construction managers? 

Site :

o 3 page minimum

o Include an introductory and conclusion paragraph

o APA format- include sources if necessary

o Write a summary of your day at the conference with details about:

o 1 lecture ▪ What is the title of the lecture session?

▪ What were the topics discussed?

▪ How were they using GIS to solve the problem?

o 1 technical workshop

▪ What was the title of the workshop?

▪ Which GIS concepts were discussed? 2

▪ How could this GIS tool be used by architects and construction managers?

o Map Gallery (choose three interesting maps to discuss)

▪ What are the titles of the maps?

▪ What are the problems that they are trying to examine?

▪ What types of analysis did….

Describe how Earth’s climate can change naturally.

The topic of this Homework is climate change. Address the following questions in it:

What is the difference between weather and climate? Describe how Earth’s climate can change naturally. How do humans contribute to climate change? Do you feel you have personally contributed to climate change? Use the textbook or other course resources to list one consequence of global warming as predicted by scientists.

How do these disasters affect the landforms in your area?

Most likely you, or someone you know, have experienced a natural disaster at some point in their lives. Specifically, describe all of the natural disasters that could occur where you live. This could be geologic (i.e., earthquake) or atmospheric (i.e., tornado). Be sure to include detailed information such as the name of plate boundaries involved, dominant atmospheric fronts, etc.

Have you experienced one of these disasters? How do these disasters affect the landforms in your area? Be sure to cite your textbook or course resources in your post.

Summarize the classroom energy use, comparing baseline with conservation period data.

Green Ninja Smart Energy Project and Contest (10% of course grade)

Overview: Apply engineering design thinking principles to reduce home energy use. You will a) design and implement an energy conservation plan, and b) test and possibly refine your plan over a one week period. Participating students will be eligible to win a variety of prizes! All written work will be submitted electronically on Canvas.

Note: If you live on campus, please do NOT create an online PG&E account using your dorm address. You can act as an energy consultant for a friend or family member. This also applies to students who live off campus but can’t directly access their own energy usage data.

Part 1: Access to Energy Data (25% of grade)

Summary: Students will A) get access to PG&E….