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My English tеachеr is a tоugh grader. The paper doesn’t have to be written about the truth, but it needs to be believable

because she must think that I wrote it about my real life. I’m a male high school senior, with two brothers and a sister, who is studying to became an engineer. I live in New Jersey. I drive a 62 Thunderbird and I said in one of my other papers that my father is an atheist (which isn’t even true). I don’t care what the topic is, but it just can’t contradict what I said above. It would be nice if it was somewhat based around engineering, but it doesn’t have to be. It has to be on a moment in time whether that is a day or period it just can’t be an entire lifetime. No fluff, must have plenty dialogue, and must show not tell in….

Role of the Indian Armed Forces in Strategic Decision Making – Reclaiming the Strategic Space

Research Paper Evaluation Criteria – Marks for the topic will be given on the basis of the following:-

(a)The extent to which the contribution throws fresh light on the subject. (b)Understanding of the subject. (c)Thought, logic, development of theme. (d)Language / expression. (e)Essays must have relevant end-note references and a bibliography, as applicable. (f)Plagiarism – Essay will be disqualified if any plagiarism has been found with the help of Plagiarism software’s.


(a) In strategic level decision making especially those related to the nations security, the stakes are extremely high and have long-term implications; but tend to be based on human perceptions and judgments as these have to be taken in an unpredictable environment. Therefore, it is important that all stakeholders are a part of the decision making….