Case: The Globalization of East Asian Pop Music (HBS)

Readings: Country Analysis: Framework to Identify and Evaluate the National Business Environment (HBS)Fundamentals of Global Strategy 2:The Globalization of Companies and Industries (HBS)
Reviewing: You may want to re-read the following:
Note on Comparative CapitalismInstitutions,Institutional Change and Economic Development,Acemoglu “Root Causes”

We will focus on the East Asian Pop Music industry case. We are exploring an important aspect of the planning function of management in an international context, with the Pop Music case.
I will ask each of you to analyze all three-country markets using the country analysis framework from the reading and I will ask some of you to present on one of the three country markets in class and then using your country analysis, answer question #4 from below.
The other members of the class will be evaluated in terms of the quality of the questions and discussion concerning the presentation of each country analysis as well as their own presentation. Your formal presentation should be between 5-7 minutes.Each of you should hand in your country analysis for each country, whether you present or not.
Apply the Country Analysis Framework to the case, specifically comparing the Japanese, Korean and Chinese Pop Music industries/country markets and then consider the following questions:
1. What are the similarities and differences between the various country institutional environment in the East Asian Pop music industry? In understanding the Institutional environment of each country in detail, Use the Country Analysis Framework and in particular Figure 1 from the Country Analysis Framework.
2. What factor/forces are facilitating and/or inhibiting the globalization (integration across country markets) of the East Asian Pop music industry?
3. What role do you think the companies are playing in either facilitating or inhibiting the integration across country markets?
4. Is the East Asian Pop Music industry globalizing? Regionalizing? Staying local?
Those of you who are familiar with the five forces model of industry analysis may also find it useful to apply this model to pop music industry in Japan, Korea and China.

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