Case Study Scenario: Comedy Hour Booking System

Case Study Scenario: Comedy Hour Booking System

Organisational Background

Comedy Hour is a comedy club located in Sydney. Founded by two former stage comedians, Bo and Jo, the club grew from a few shows a week, to a fully booked weekly schedule that starts at 6pm until 12pm each night.

Comedy Hour Booking System

Comedy Hourwould like to develop an online system for booking shows.

The new online booking system intends allow customers to book for their shows, pay for it using their credit cards, remind them of their booked appointments, and notify them about upcoming events. The system will also send a notification notice to the entertainer and to his/her manager for any booked (or cancelled) shows. The audience can also provide feedback for the performance after the show through the app. The system should also identify loyal customers and reward them with a free show (as a rule of thumb, any customers who have attended 12 shows in one year, or the equivalent of $5000 worth of purchase will be rewarded with one free show).

The customers are required to create an account before booking any ticket for the first time. An email will be sent automatically by the system to confirm membership, where the customer is required to confirm by clicking a confirmation button on the email. Once confirmed, he/she can now book for one to an unlimited number of tickets (depending on the capacity of the show and the number of seats available). Each booking will generate at least two emails, first, the booking confirmation right after the booking, and second, a reminder of the booking 2 days before the event. A member can only cancel/update the booking less than 24 hours before the event. Once the 24 hours was gone, there is no more option to cancel/update, and the member’s credit card payment will be charged whether they come or not. If for whatever reason a show is cancelled, a cancellation email will be sent to the member’s inbox, including a refund of their payment. A copy of the cancelled show email will also be sent to the entertainer and to his/her manager. If members are trying to book a fully booked show, the system provides a option for a stand-by status, and if a seat becomes available, each member will be notified according to their position in the queue and the seating availability status.

The Information collected consists of the customer’s first and last name, residential address, city, zip code, mobile number, and email address. After entering all the information, a unique identification number is created for each customer.


Further, the new online system records the title of the show, the entertainers (classified as main and cast), manager (if any), the date/time, and the price.

Also, the number of tickets sold for each show will also be recorded. Each show will also be identified with a unique identifier.

Each entertainer’s details will be recorded, such as their name, address, telephone, email, genre (example of comedy genre are Dark comedy, Burlesque, Character, Cringe, Deadpan, Improvisational, Musical, Observational, Prop, Sitcom, Ventriloquism), how much they charge per hour/show, and if they are represented by a manager, their manager’s details (name, company name, office address, telephone, mobile, etc).

Each entertainer is managed by only one manager, but a manager manages at least one entertainer up to several entertainers at a time. Each entertainer’s show might fall into just one specific genre and/or several genre categories. An entertainer performs at least one show per night or several shows, depending on the demand.

Since the system will be storing customer details and credit card payments, the form must be WCAG compliant, PCI DSS compliant, TLS certified, among all other web security standards. To prevent data entry mistakes, the should should preferably use automated features such Calendar objects, drop-down lists and the like. The form should reflect the company colour which is black and red for branding purposes.

Comedy Hour wishes to operate an entirely testable procedure to the whole online system to discover any bug and major issues before the final launch of the system. For example, it should be compatible with all major web browsers, such as MS Edge, IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. It must also adjust to different monitor sizes and screens, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

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