Business Development Plan of Space Travel

1. No background introduction, get right into the topic which is how to run Space travel as a business.

2. There are 4 companies having space travel services in the world: Virgin Galactic/XCOR Aerospace/Space Adventures/Excalibur Almaz. Do some research on them and customize the possible marketing/business developing plan that has the best commercial future.

3. Financial Analysis

4. Marketing plan

Some thoughts about the business plan:

1. Suborbital Spacecrafts like SpaceshipTwo by Virgin and Lynx II craft by XCOR seems to be more competitive than those who use traditional rocket launching technology as suborbital space travel is cheaper and more efficient.

2. dig out the commercial value of the non-flight part of the business – more people could afford that – space pot trip/ selling lottery tickets and the winner could get a space travel ticket / launching watch, etc.

3. Some background info is attached, but more should be searched. ,…….


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