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Find two friends, family members or mentors who can help you with this task. You are Bill the Office Manager of Riskco. Your task is to present the variance analysis you have prepared in task 5 in a short 5-minute meeting. Your meeting will be with Bob the CEO of Riskco and Jill who is a potential private investor in Riskco. The CEO is hoping that Jill may inject extra capital in Riskco so he has invited her to the meeting. Jill mentioned that she wants to attend the variance meeting to obtain more information about her potential investment in Riskco.

In the meeting you must:

  • Briefly present and explain the August XX Riskco variance analysis report
  • Ask clarifying questions to ensure your audience understands your report
  • Demonstrate active listening and build rapport with your internal and external stakeholder
The oral submission is reviewed using the following checklist.
Performance descriptor Not applicable Satisfactory Not satisfactory Comments
One 5-minute audio file of budget meeting with two other persons playing the role of CEO of Riskco and a potential private investor
Demonstrate active listening in the meeting including listening and questioning with the internal and external stakeholder

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