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Careplan for Brenda patton

Brenda Patton is an 18-year-old Caucasian female, G1P0 at 38 2/7 weeks of gestation admitted to the labor and birthing unit for labor assessment.

The patient states that her water may have broken earlier this morning and she thinks she is in labor. AmniSure was positive. Vaginal reveals 50% effacement of cervix, cervical dilation 4 cm, and fetus at -2 station.

The patient's boyfriend is present, and she has phoned her mother to inform her of her admission. The provider has been notified, and prenatal records have been pulled.

The lab report indicates that the patient's group B strep vaginorectal culture taken at 36 weeks was positive. The patient wishes to have a natural birth without medication. Admission intrapartum orders have been initiated, initial labs have been drawn, and a saline lock has been placed in her forearm.


Water Mass Flow Rate Of 2kg/S Is Delivered Through The 30 Mm Commercial Steel Pipe? -0.15 Calculate The Miner And Friction Losses In The Pipe. Use Moody Chart To Calculate The Friction Loses For Minor Losses, Take For The Entrance: 0.3 Exit: 0.5 Valve 1.8 Water Density 1000 Kg/Ml Water Viscosity0001N S/M Use Your Last Three Digits Of Your ID Number For The

fluid mechanics

solve gast plz

Water mass flow rate of 2kg/s is delivered through the 30 mm commercial steel pipe? -0.15
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