Brands into consumer evoked sets and must engage in persuasive messaging and other strategies to do so.

Brands into consumer evoked sets and must engage in persuasive messaging and other strategies to do so.

The evoked set for some categories-for example, mouthwash and toothpaste-were basically one brand. This means that for categories, nominal decision making (choosing one and repeatedly over time) is the norm. Later in the chapter we will discuss the use of sruption strategies for brands in this situation that are not in a consumer's evoked set. I evoked sets for some categories were somewhat large, but that may be due to variety reking. For example, the evoked set for fast food was five brands. However, one can imagine that consumers are loyal to brands of fast-food restaurants within type, but they riety seek or otherwise switch across situations. So, McDonald's may be the harmer alternative, KFC the chicken alternative, Pizza Hut the pizza alternative, Taco Ell the Mexican alternative, and so on.

M4 Discussion Pick a product or brand that you believe would require each strategy in Table 15-2 on textbook page 539 (six products in total). Justify your selection. Develop a specific marketing strategy for each (six strategies in total).The six strategies include maintenance, disrupt, capture, intercept, preference, and acceptance. Required Etiquette: Create your Thread at least three (3) days prior to the deadline to allow time for replies.

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