Assess the marketing philosophy of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

1.Assess the marketing philosophy of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Which of the philosophies discussed, do you think, is adopted by the bank. Substantiate your arguments with clear evidences. What should the company do to appeal to the customers? (10 pts)

2.Identify and briefly describe four trends in the macro/market environment that will have or recently had an influence on the selected industry. For each of the trends you have to: (15 pts)

a)briefly explain the trend

b)describe the impact of the trend on the industry

c)Highlight the implications that the trend has on the marketers in the chosen industry.

3.Assume you are producing and selling Ethiopian cultural clothes. Customers complain the lack of creativity and quality in your product. (15 pts)

a)Explain how you segment, target the market and position the product.

b)Develop the marketing mix strategies (include product, pricing, place, and promotion strategy)

4.How does marketing create peace to the society? Or how marketing can bring about amore peaceful world?

5.How marketing delivers standard of living to society?

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