As Is’ Process using IBM Blue Works Lives – use a leading SaaS process modelling application, IBM Blue Works Live, to model a real life process

course objectives:
1) Apply the concepts of process modelling and e-procurement to model and re-engineer supply chain processes.

This practical exercise assesses students’ ability to apply theoretical learning to practical, real world situations. In this exercise students must use a leading SaaS process modelling application, IBM Blue Works Live, to model a real life process. Then, students should apply the concepts of e-procurement to re-engineer the process to reduce process cost and time.

Task Description
1. You are given an actual hospital procurement process (see Figure 1). This is to be modelled as the ‘As Is’ Process using IBM Blue Works Lives. Sign up for the 1 month free trial of the full version of this SaaS application. See:
Export your process, or use screen shots to depict your process diagram in your report.
2. Provide a report on your BlueWorksLive As Is Model analysis. This is to include:
i. Comments
ii. Problems
3. Based on the objectives of e-procurement, an automated, improved ‘To Be’ process is to be proposed. Use your imagination! The ‘To Be’ process is to be presented as a new BlueWorksLive Process.
Hint: Do not copy the As Is Process and make a few incremental changes. Start afresh and submit a simplified redesigned process.
Provide your analysis. In particular, how have addressed the following problems:
 Backorder problem. The supplier has no stock and the hospital does not find out for a week until the start of the next ordering cycle.
 Three-way match problem. The invoice, GRN (Goods Received Note) and Invoice need to be matched by Accounts Payable to pay the supplier. These 3 documents often do not match resulting in a short or delayed payment to the supplier.

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