Analyze the financial statement

Use Dexus financial report from 2019-2020

Ratio should include Dupont ROA, ROE, Current Ratio, Dept/equity

6 Referencing:

· Use referencing sparingly. More reference means less assessment. You are not awarded marks for putting forth opinions of others.

· Footnote referencing is preferred. Chicago style is acceptable.

· Referencing must be consistent (5% penalty).

· Do not reference material from textbooks and lecture slides.

· Do not include definitions or theory.

· If the information is from the annual report, do not reference; instead include the page number of the annual report from which the information has been taken from.

· Do not quote from the annual report, journal articles, textbook and lecture slide or provide formulas and definitions to equations; just show your workings.

· Appendices without intext page number reference will not be looked at.

· Do not reference from stockbroking or investment companies/website/articles; including but not limited to Simply Wall Street, Intelligent investor, Investsmart, Motley Fool,, Investopedia, etc.



Comparison should be done with dexus 2019 and 2020 and compared with competitor GPT with ratios

Financial statement analysis guide


1 Calculations


FSA is NOT about calculating ratios. It is about establishing a method for comparing the health of the company against its past and peers. Please do not spend most of your time doing the calculations; they do not carry a lot of marks. You should instead focus more on the interpretation and analysis of the ratios.


You should cover at least 4 ratios; one of them must be an analysis of the return on assets using the Du Pont System.


Ensure that you show all calculations and footnote the page number of the annual report where you obtained the figures.

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