analyze a simplified schematic drawing of the carburetor of a gasoline

A simplified schematic drawing of the carburetor of a gasoline

(S = 0.75) engine is shown in Fig. P5.96. The throat area is 0.5 in.2


The running engine draws air downward through the carburetor Venturi

and maintains a throat pressure of 14.3 psia. The low throat pressure

draws fuel from the float chamber and into the airstream. The energy

losses in the 0.07-in.-diameter fuel metering line and valve are given by


where K = 6.0 and V is the fuel velocity in the metering line.

Assume that the air is an ideal fluid having a constant density ρA

= 0.075 lbm/ft3

. The atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psia. Calculate

the air-to-fuel ratio (m˙ a/m˙f).

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Compare this result with the DU/Dt evaluated with that of the material time derivative and flux terms.

Figure P4.67 illustrates a system and fixed control volume at time t and the system at a short time δt later. The system temperature is T = 100 °F at….

Prepare a paper on your findings; be sure to include several pictures.

Flow visualization is direct observation of the flow field, usually accomplished in a laboratory. Several photographs in this book (see Figs. 3.1, 9.19, and 11.4) and the majority of the….

hat is the axial velocity, V1, of the plastic in the barrel?

Molten plastic at a temperature of 510 °F is augered through an extruder barrel by a screw occupying 3 5 of the barrel’s volume (Fig. P5.16). The extruder is 16….