analyse a workplace conflict as a case study in groups.

Students are required to analyse a workplace conflict as a case study in groups. Group sizes will be determined by the teacher in week 1. Teams need to complete the following: • describe the conflict • identify the causes and sources of the conflict linking to academic theory • suggest strategies to resolve and manage the conflict • present at least two alternative strategies to resolve the conflict • determine and justify the preferred course of action • outline the steps required to implement the course of action and methods of following up • create a handout for the audience to keep with tips and strategies for managing conflict The analysis should demonstrate that team members have read and understood a range of material and can compare and contrast different perspectives on the issue. The teams present their findings to the rest of the group. The group is required to develop a PowerPoint presentation to present their case to the class. Students may wish to enhance their presentation with role plays, activities and by providing the audience with a professionally prepared handout. Students will be assessed both on their understanding of the conflict management theory as well as professionalism and teamwork

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Create a three-column chart in which the first column lists non management skills you have.

The 21st century offers many challenges to every one of us. As more firms go global, as more economies interconnect, and as the Web blasts away boundaries to communication, we….

What is your reaction when faced with stressful or time-pressured situations

When faced with stressful or time-pressured situations: 1. I use effective time-management methods such as keeping track of my time, making to-do lists, and prioritizing tasks. 2. I reaffirm my….

Develop creative and innovative solutions to problems.

When faced with a complex or difficult problem that does not have an easy solution: 1.. I define a problem in multiple ways. I don’t limit myself to just one….