address general hardware or the network for the entire environment, as outlined above, you will be required to specify and justify the selection of all components of your solution and solution specific hardware.

Indlu Yami is a multinational property development organization. Its goals are to provide what they refer to as housing “communities”. They have recently acquired an expansive property in Ultimo, Sydney. The size of this property is similar in dimensions to the UTS Broadway campus bordered by Broadway, Harris Street, Wattle Street and Thomas Street. At this stage, only very preliminary designs have been produced, however, owing to concerns relating to intellectual property only the following information is available for the proposed development site: 10 x 2 story townhouses – connected in 2 groups of 5. One set of 5 is facing Thomas Street and the other set of 5 is facing Harris Street. Each townhouse has a 2 car garage. 1 x 5 story apartment block with four apartments per floor. All apartments will have 2 external balconies. The apartment complex will have a lift. 1 x Underground parking station for the apartment complex with 2 spaces per car; and an additional 20 spaces for visitors for the entire complex (townhouses and apartments) 1 x recreation centre facing Broadway. The recreation centre will house a gymnasium, 1 x indoor tennis court and a 5 lane 25m lap pool. 1 x Supermarket on the corner of Harris and Thomas Streets. The supermarket is fully owned by Indlu Yami and trades under the name of Colworths. The supermarket is expected to be of similar size to a standard Woolworths or Coles and stock similar line items. The preliminary designs are not available owing to concerns and issues relating to intellectual property and previous design theft. Indlu Yami has however, provided some indicative layouts for the townhouses and the apartments. These can be found on the subject website in the assignment folder. In relation to the supermarket, it will be of one level similar to the current Woolworths located in Central Park, and the gym similar to the UTS gym but also include a pool as mentioned above. The “Indlu Yami Project” is calling for proposals for the design, development, implementation and management of a solution to be introduced in to the new development. SITP Inc (Your Parent Organization): SITP Inc is a multi-billion dollar organisation located in San Francisco. Its primary focus is to continually expand by investing in numerous ventures globally, and as such constantly has many projects in the pipeline and in production. Its’ policy is to create a local based project team for each venture, which, if the tender / project bid is successful, would then potentially be turned into a local subsidiary company established in the country of the project. SITP Inc however, will always maintain a controlling interest in the subsidiary company (if established) and operate somewhat as a silent partner. The Indlu Yami project is one such project being examined by SITP Inc. It is envisaged with the booming housing industry, this project, if successful, could develop into a profitable project for SITP Inc, which could be duplicated into other similar building projects Once the Indlu Yami project has been accepted by the client, a subsidiary company will be established in Australia specifically for this project. A location for the subsidiary company has already been identified as outlined below. The identified Sydney offices for the project are located at 1 Broadway (UTS). Office space is unlimited and office furniture (desks, chairs, etc) are provided. In general, all non IT components are out of scope – e.g., desks chairs, etc. However, any components that are required as part of or specific to your solution are in UTS Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology – SITP Case Study 2020 Spring © Copyright R Leveaux 2020 3 scope – e.g., mobile devices, BYOD, etc. There are also available appropriate facilities in Eton Road, Lindfield (Kuring-gai Campus) for off-site storage or other use with the project – if required. For economies of scale and security reasons, the SITP’s head office and server farm is off shore in San Francisco. The San Francisco server farm is of sufficient capacity to manage your solution and, as such, with the exception of hardware and components specific to your proposed solution, general hardware (servers, etc) may deem to be exiting. Similarly it may also be assumed that the existing SITP Inc network is sufficient to support your proposed solution. While the server farm is located in San Francisco, the project will be fully managed and run out of the Sydney offices. While your proposal does not need to address general hardware or the network for the entire environment, as outlined above, you will be required to specify and justify the selection of all components of your solution and solution specific hardware. All proposal specific components (hardware, software, etc) must be reflected in your costing of the solution. Your team may assume that there is sufficient power, lighting and general telephone communications to satisfy the project’s requirements; both in San Francisco and Sydney and as such, these can be considered to be out of scope. The costs associated with the utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc) for this solution will be absorbed into the general running costs of the Sydney office and do not need to be considered when costing the proposal. All other costs related to the proposed solution, including “solution based” staff must be included in your costs. The project, once live, will be running 24 x 7. The San Francisco office currently operates 24 x 7. Key Players / Staff: As part of your proposal, it is expected that you will provide a staffing solution (or offerings) for the implementation, running and management of the solution once live. The general office staff to manage the day-to-day operations of the business in the Sydney office is out of scope for this project, as SITP Inc will appoint the general office staff separately to this project. Your team is a group of specialists that has been put together by SITP Inc in responding to a request for proposal (RFP) for the Indlu Yami project. Your potential client has appointed a “client project manager” – your tutor. The client project manager is your first point of contact for this project. Budget: The budget for this project is unlimited – but be realistic. SITP Inc is looking to your team to develop a proposal for a state-of-the-art solution that will ensure the organization is seen to be a provider of solutions leading into the future, and as such, it is expected that the solution would be examining appropriate technologies to achieve this goal. Additionally, SITP Inc’s expectation is that the solution will also be transferrable to other interested clients / nations with similar business directions. SITP Inc’s expectation is for a solution that is not necessarily the least expensive, but is the best value while providing and exceptional experience to its clients and end users. Requirements: SITP Inc considers that all the necessary technologies either currently exists or are in beta mode and would come on line at the time of the project going live. Their understanding is that this project is a matter of finding the pieces of the puzzle, putting it together and having the IT / IS infrastructure and strategies in place to UTS Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology – SITP Case Study 2020 Spring © Copyright R Leveaux 2020 4 support it. SITP Inc is looking to your team to provide them with the total solution. Their expectation is that the solution offered will also be developed, and possibly supported by your team, and as such solutions that use third parties (with the exception of the necessary communications vendors, such as Telstra) will not be regarded favourably, if at all. The management of the solution, when live, would be based on strategic recommendations offered by the solution provider in the proposal Your team is required to design a suitable high level IT and IS solution to address all the above core business components and requirements. As this request has been placed in the Australian market, it is envisaged that initially your solution will focus primarily on the Australian components and providers. However, utilising modules and components from outside Australia will be acceptable, but only on the condition that the proposal fully addresses the support and management structures for such inclusions. Technologies, Hardware and Network: All technologies and any additional hardware and network components specific to the project must be from recognised industry providers. Software: It is expected that all recommended software would be off-the-shelf. Any non off-the-shelf software would need to be justified and supported with high level specifications, including costings for development, installation and support. Outsourcing: This is not accepted in your proposal. Your team is providing and supporting the total solution. System Access and other points for consideration: Due to the nature of the project, the solution is expected to be operable 24 x 7. Security must be addressed as part of the solution including security of data, access security, etc All maintenance, upgrades, etc, must be scheduled. Even though there is an unlimited budget, proposals should aim to minimize costs, but the use of quality products is recommended. Flexibility and expandability are critical to success. Costs should include all applications, database and communications software as well as any additional project specific hardware / network. Systems support, staffing and project management costs should be provided. Costs should include implementation and recurring costs. Costs must be aligned to the implementation strategy. Remember: You are in essence competing to provide the winning solution !! Other Useful Information is on the next page: UTS Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology – SITP Case Study 2020 Spring © Copyright R Leveaux 2020 5 “Profile” of the Client Project Manager (Tutor) To give you an understanding of the “type” of role your tutor will be adopting, when assuming the part of the Client Project Manager, I have given a rough outline of the role your tutor has been asked to play when being the customer. The client: 1. Has somewhat limited IT knowledge – but believes he/she has much more ! 2. Has a general and somewhat limited understanding of the building industry. 3. Has been employed for the Indlu Yami project due to his/her extensive experience project delivery (from a client’s perspective) and has been identified to ensure the appropriate delivery of the project. 4. Does not have any more knowledge on property development outside of the contents of this document and what may be on the Internet. 5. Even though he/she may believe she/he knows all the answers, in reality may not. VIP NOTE: This is NOT the real skill sets of your tutor – just the role they will be adopting to give you the chance to experience a “real world” customer. BTW – your tutor will have mainly 2 jobs – one as the Client Project Manager for Indlu Yami (as described above) and secondly as your tutor to guide your team in the developing of your solution and report. Please note the emphasis is on guide – this should not be read as tell you how. This knowledge you should have already acquired throughout your studies.

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