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A famous study from the 1960s explored whether two dolphins (Doris and Buzz) could communicate abstract ideas. The dolphins were trained to push the right button if a h left button if the headlight blinked on and off. Then the researcher placed a large wooden wall in the middle of the pool. Doris was on one side of the wall and could see the headlight, whereas Buzz was orn the other side of the wall where he could not see the headlight. When the light was shone, Doris would swim near the wall and whistle. Buzz would then whistle back and press a button. If he pushed the correct button (corresponding to the light Doris was shown), they both got a fish. Dr. Bastian repeated this procedure again and again, and Buzz pushed the correct button 22 out of 25 times. Is this convincing evidence that Buzz and Doris could communicate?
(a) Calculate the statistic for this study.
(b) State the null and alternative hypotheses (in symbols and in words) to investigate this research question.
(c) Use the One Proportion Inference applet to estimate a p-value for this significance test. Include a copy of your computer results (e.g, screen capture)
(d) Write a one-sentence interpretation of this p-value.
(e) Summarize the conclusions you would draw about the research question based on this p-value.

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