A description of at least two NBAD tools, and their technical characteristics

In a meeting with executive management and purchasing, the chief technical officer (CTO) would like you and your team to come up with an approach for Network Behavior Analysis Detection (NBAD) implementation and functionality identification to be submitted for technical feasibility and purchase.
Provide an NBAD technical feasibility recommendation with at least two NBAD tools to the CTO that down-selects and makes an overall NBAD recommendation:

  • Introduction to the contents of the NBAD recommendation
  • A description of the meaning of the NBAD approach to conduct behavioral analysis across the network and an explanation of why this NBAD tool is a critical element in network forensics behavioral analysis in addition to the existing security applications in place
  • A description of at least two NBAD tools, and their technical characteristics
  • A conclusion selecting to one tool and why this technical selection was made
  • Title page and APA Reference list (not included in page count)
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