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determine and argue whether OpenTable was a sound acquisition for Priceline using the concepts from this and other courses

OpenTable was the first mover in the world of booking orders for restaurants around the globehttps://www.vox.com/2018/10/19/17698428/resy-restaurant-reservations-startup-opentable. After obtaining notoriety, they issued a massive IPOhttps://www.reuters.com/article/us-opentable-idUSTRE5464CJ20090507 andhttps://press.opentable.com/news-releases/news-release-details/opentable-inc-prices-initial-public-offering/ resulting in a stock price peaking slightly over $100/share. After peaking, the company was by Priceline for $2.6 billionhttps://www.wsj.com/articles/priceline-to-buy-opentable-for-2-6-billion-1402660209. However, the investment faced turmoil as lawsuits and a $941 million write-down devalued the acquisitionhttps://www.findlaw.com/legalblogs/in-house/ibm-sues-priceline-opentable-kayak-over-e-commerce-patents/ andhttps://skift.com/2016/11/07/priceline-takes-941-million-writedown-on-opentable/.

The devaluation triggered a reconsideration of OpenTable’s role in the market. OpenTable matured and no longer had a blue ocean strategy (https://www.launch-marketing.com/?p=6568) to rely on. Therefore, Priceline retooled and rolled back OpenTable’s operations while entering the emerging ultra-competitive food delivery service market involving Doordash and other competitors. However, no one is certain whether OpenTable has a future and history has yet to judge whether Priceline’s investment was a….

Internal and External Stakeholder Analysis

MGT501_Assessment_2_Brief_Internal and External Stakeholder Analysis_Module Due 5.2 Page 1 of 6 Assessment Task Critically analyse stakeholder theory in a real-life business or a project setting, with specific emphasis on relevant internal and external environment factors. In doing so, you are required to employ a stakeholder matrix and mapping techniques to determine the extent of stakeholder influence and interest. Context Stakeholder analysis is a technique for identifying stakeholders and analysing their roles in a given business or project scenario. The aim of the analysis is to map out and manage the stakeholders’ level of influence and degree of interest. Stakeholder analysis can also be used to assess the relationships between different stakeholders, as well as the issues they care about in the internal and external business environments. Internal stakeholders….


YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT PARTABOUT 1 – 1.5 PAGES OR MORE WALMART READ ALL THE INFORMATION FIRST. YOU HAVE TO DO SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT PART ONLY VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS IS JUST FOR REFERENCES. IT IS ALREADY DONE. *USE VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS rubrics AND WORK ON SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT which is about 1 – 1.5 pages or more. BASED IN US. 1) VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS: Do or include the following in each value chain function below (e.g., supply chain, operations): o compare the data for EACH of the last 3 years for your firm and the direct competitors to determine the trend line for EACH VALUE CHAIN category (e.g., Supply Chain, Operations etc..). For instance, is the cost of goods sold the same as a….

This project involves examining current economic and community recovery projects in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

WORK ON TRENT UNIVERSITY PETERBOROUGH YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT TRENT UNIVERSITY This project involves examining current economic and community recovery projects in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. You will undertake studies involving specific projects undertaken by various organizations that illustrate the concepts and ideas of this course and provides examples of their application to ‘real-life’ management situations. 1. You need to review https://peterboroughed.ca/future-ready/ 2. Identify and describe your group’s specific strategic objective (1, 2, 3, or 4) (we choose objective 2 – to facilitate the transition toward sustainable economic development and innovation 3. Pick 3 organizations from Peterborough and Kawarthas that are supporting and contributing to your group’s specific objective. • These organizations can from be public, private or not-for-profit sectors. Ideally, you should pick only one organization….

describe the pros and cons of the involvement and impact of labor unions on management and labor relations in the U.S.

The Writing Assignments Students will submit a series of four draft papers throughout the course. Each assignment will receive substantial feedback from the instructor in the form of annotation and notes. The student will revise and resubmit each returned paper with the necessary edits and improvements. The final Portfolio Paper Assignment includes all four previous papers edited for a final draft along with one new section (part 5) to be submitted as one final paper. The details of the Writing Assignment are listed below. Writing Assignment Two Using your textbook and at least two other scholarly peer-reviewed references, describe the pros and cons of the involvement and impact of labor unions on management and labor relations in the U.S. Include at least three major pros and three major….

Cultural Challenges

This needs to be done on Colombia. I would like to use Biggby coffee as the U.S. product, item number I, but whatever works is fine. I have also attached sites to use for research, I would like at least 1 of these to be used To establish a foundation for your Global Advertising project and ensure you are on the right track, create an outline for your papersummarizing your research findingsfor your chosen country utilizing the following format and providing aminimumone sentence response for each element in the outline:

Cultural Challenges (5 points) Languages spoken Religions practiced Manners – appropriate ways of behaving, speaking, and dressing Customs & Traditions – habits or ways of behaving in specific circumstances that are passed down through generations. Note: This can….

To complete this task, you will need to analyze the facts below, identify the issues presented, and research those issues drawing conclusions based on your research.

Overview To complete this task, you will need to analyze the facts below, identify the issues presented, and research those issues drawing conclusions based on your research. It is expected that your papers be well written and demonstrate critical thinking. Be sure to pay careful attention to spelling and grammar. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, single-spaced, and MUST include the following sections: Facts: This section should be a summary of the facts from the case study that arepertinentto the scenario you are analyzing. You should essentially summarize and rewrite the facts for each of the scenarios, using your own words. Be sure to include all facts that will be necessary for a complete analysis for the particular scenario. Issues: This section will identify the issue….

Capacity, Legality & Enforceability

Discussion Board Three– Chapter 9 – Capacity, Legality & Enforceability Your business, “And They’re Off” Go-Kart Emporium, has recently endured some set- backs. Although you have been sued and had some tax issues, all has been settled and you are now back on track. (Yes, pun intended.) As a matter of fact, you have some additional cash on hand and recently saw an antique go-kart for sale on E-Bay. After checking out the photo and all of the information, you decide to buy it as a decorative focal point of advertisement in the entrance way of your business. The owner of the go-kart is local, so you go to their house to meet with them and discuss the purchase of the antique go-kart. You notice that the person….

The rationale for using a particular method

This assignment aims to investigate and share the why and social science researchmethods. You should essentially “teach” the rest of the class the basics about your way as you understand them. Here are some questions to guide your research and workshop presentations:


Your presentation will demonstrate your understanding of a given qualitative research method:

· The rationale for using a particularmethod (i.e., Why would you use this method? – What types of environmental questions can we answer by collecting data in this way?)

· How to do the data collection. (e.g. How do you prepare for and collect data with your method, whether that is archival research, surveys, focus groups, oral histories, participant observation, participatory action research, etc.)

· How to do the data analysis (e.g. What type of analysis is suitable….

Conduct an analysis of your own venture for market viability.

1. Please watch link which is helpful idea 2. Please read assessment brief to start including grade rubric which i want higher score 3. On time 4. References don’t forget with citations Entrepreneurs using the Lean Start-Up principles, methods and tools reach a point where, based on the best evidence available, decide to continue with the venture or discontinue. This is the GO/NOGO point. Past this point the venture moves forward to success, failure and/or pivot. In modules 1-4 you have covered the origins of the lean concept and why these concepts are applied to starting successful businesses. You have investigated the Lean Start-Up principles, used lean tools including the Lean Canvas and applied the learning to your own venture. You have developed and tested hypotheses with consumers….