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How do you decide if the resident’s freedom to be unrestrained is worth the risk of her injuring herself during a fall?

You are working in a nursing home that supports a restraint-free environment. In the past month, one of the residents has slipped once from her wheelchair and once off the edge of her bed; she fell onto the ?oor both times. Although the resident was not injured in either of these incidents, the resident’s daughter is concerned that her mother has the potential to seriously hurt herself during a fall and requests that her mother be restrained while in bed and in her wheelchair. The resident has not expressed any preference but says she’ll do whatever her daughter wants. You explain the rationale for not using restraints, but the daughter is insistent that her mother be restrained. “You know my mother has the tendency to slip to the….

Briefly clarify why you choose this health issue to respond to.

Font: Plain font, for example, Calibri 12, Times New Roman 12, Ariel 12 • Line Spacing: 1.5 • Reference system: APA7th • Submission: discussion board post via Learnline • Presentation: 1 st person is acceptable in the discussion board assessment Assessment description For this unit, you will be completing one discussion board assessment. In this assessment, you will be creating an original post and a reply post to your peers based on a healthcare topic that interests you. Assessment instructions Using what you have learned in modules 1., 2., & 3. create an original post explaining a research question you have developed on a healthcare challenge. The original post should explain what the healthcare challenge is and include a breakdown of the PICO or PICo that you have….

Based on this nursing situation, what would you identify as:? Abby’s diagnosis?? Does she meet the full criteria for your diagnosis?

Pageof 2ZOOMAbby was in her early 30’s, single, and has 3 young children, age 9months, 3, and 4. Abby, arrived in the US from Guatemala, 20 years,but has no green card for work. She works for a family caring for theirhome and 2 children. Her grandmother, 80 y/o, and mother lives with her and helps care forher children. Recently, Abby had been complaining to her mother thatshe thought she had an odor and felt “things” crawling in her vagina. Her grandmother told her she was crazy, but Abby continued toexperience these thoughts and sensations. Eventually, she was afraidher odor was so strong, she would lose her job and went to the localclinic open at night. Chief Complaint: “I don’t know what is wrong, but I think I have….

 Relationship & Communication: Being Present to the Palliative Care Patient,

Relationship & Communication: Being Present to the Palliative Care Patient,

· Planning for end of life: Advance Care Planning,and

· Family/Friends: Loss, Grief and Bereavement.

Your essay will discuss one of these 3 topics above (you need to Select ONE).

The essay also needs to provide examples from the conversation I have recorded with a colleague – who discusses her experiences with working in palliative care, and also discusses her person experiences with her own friends and family members being palliative. This conversation is there as added information you might be guided by. You are able to use parts of that conversation to inform the direction and things that you discuss in your essay. The conversation covers some aspects of each of the topics above.

A Case Study….

IS strategic plan

IS strategy assignment


The purpose of this handout is to outline the IS strategy assignment. The main deliverable for this assignment is an IS strategic plan covering the next 3 to 5 years for your personal situation. Students will also be expected to review the process they have undertaken and provide appropriate reflections on the outcomes. The expected length of this assignment is 2,500 words.

This assignment is intended to provide you with practical exposure to IS strategic planning work, and to a lesser extent, enterprise architecture. These activities are normally undertaken in an organisational context, but it is not feasible to place students in an organisational setting where they can do this work. Instead, we are getting you to undertake this work with your own personal….

Identify an organization related to health care in which you are interested

Identify an organization related to health care in which you are interested. -Addresses the following below: NOTE: Please include a Thesis and thats its comprehensive and contains the essence of the paper.1. Define the selected organization’s behavior model and include a brief history of why that organizationalbehavior was chosen. ifthe Health care Organization lists the history on their webpage, cite the page andinclude some material from that source. 2. Discuss how current attitudes and perceptions of leadership currently affect workplace communicationsthrough both formal and informal communication methods (describes how current attitudes and leadership affect workplace communications through both formal and informal communication methods). 3, What are two or three major challenges being faced by your selected healthcare organization? (Clear andconvincing argument presents a persuasive claim in a distinctive….

In what situation can you advise Batho-IT Services to acquire its WIFI and Data services instead of developing them? Support your discussions with practical examples

Case study 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased greater demand for WIFI and Data services to aid working from home (remote working). The increase placed a huge pressure on Batho-IT Services to deliver quickly to its customers. Batho-IT Services has its operating office in Mmabatho, Mahikeng, providing WIFI and Data services for residence, individuals, and businesses (customers). To meet the growing demand for WIFI and Data services, Batho-IT Services is presented with alternatives like the Development (develop in-house) and Acquisition (purchase) of its key WIFI and Data hardware and software (application). You are the IT manager at Batho-IT Services, advise the management on the two alternatives:

Motivate the management on the benefits and challenges in the development of the key services in-house (three (3) benefits and three (3)….

Propose an audit tool that you are going to use to analyze this case and carry out acomprehensive analysis using the proposed tool

For the past several years, Kent Corporation had achieved remarkable success in winning R&Dcontracts. The customers were pleased with the analytical capabilities of the R&D staff at KentCorporation. Theoretical and experimental results were usually within 95 percent agreement. Butmany customers still felt that 95 percent was too low. They wanted 98–99 percent. In 1989, Kentupdated their computer facility by purchasing a large computer. The increased performance withthe new computer encouraged the R&D group to attempt to convert from two-dimensional to three-dimensional solutions to their theoretical problems.Almost everyone except the director of R&D thought that this would give better comparisonbetween experimental and theoretical data. Kent Corporation had tried to develop the computerprogram for three dimensional solutions with their own internal R&D programs, but the cost wastoo great.Finally, after a….

Develop an LP model to determine the optimum schedule for purchasing the item to meet the demand and find the optimum solution using

The demand for an item over the next four quarters is 300, 400, 450, 250 units, respectively. The price per unit starts at $20 in the first quarter and increases by $3.00 each quarter thereafter. The supplier can provide no more than 400 units in any one quarter. Although we can take advantage of lower prices in early quarters, a storage cost of $3.50 is incurred per unit per quarter. In addition, the number of units that can be held over from one quarter to the next can not exceed 100. Develop an LP model to determine the optimum schedule for purchasing the item to meet the demand and find the optimum solution using solver excel.

Topic: Stress Among University Students

This unit’s Learning Journal focuses on creating an Abstract for your own paper. Remember, keep your Abstract to under 250 words and keep it in APA format along with keywords listed at the end. This will be one of the final steps in creating your research paper. It is also the first thing a reader will see, so make the Abstract as strong as you can.

In this assignment, state your thesis first and then your Abstract.

Your instructor will use the following rubric to grade your Learning Journal:

Aspect 1: Did the student write an Abstract? Aspect 2: Does the abstract match the student’s paper? Aspect 3: How complete is the abstract? Are there areas that need work? Aspect 4: Is this a work of original thought?….