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What steps could he have taken to avoid missing the ownership and bribery requirements prior to initiating the negotiation?

Michael Woodson, the CEO of a major college publishing company headquartered in the United States with three offices in major U.S. cities as well as a recent expansion in the United Kingdom, had been considering expanding his company’s operations to India. According to his research, with one of the highest literacy rates in the world, a highly educated and moderately priced workforce, and burgeoning distribution channels for noncollege publications, India was the ideal location for the newest office. Following multiple conversations with Ranjit Singh, handpicked to be the operations manager of the proposed New Delhi office, Michael and his wife Anita (Vice President of Human Resources) made the twenty-one-hour trip to New Delhi. At the start of their meeting, Ranjit corroborated Michael’s research, and demonstrated a real eagerness….

What ethical and other issues are at play in this scenario?

aria, Peter, and Eduardo have spent the last two weeks working diligently on their presentation. After several failed attempts, they have a chance to provide advertising services to a major consumer products organization. After dotting all their I’s and crossing all their T’s, they hop on the metro together to go the downtown offices where they’ll be making their pitch. They are greeted warmly by Johan, the VP of Operations, and three product line managers. After a brief chat in the reception area, they are escorted into a large conference room. The presentation goes smoothly and Maria, Peter, and Eduardo secretly exchange “we nailed it” winks. Johan asks a few questions about past and current client campaigns for which they are responsible. Just then, Peter takes over and….

hat could be negotiated to resolve the situation and prevent future conflict?

You and four others are the “bar team” in an upscale restaurant. Everyone works very well together—so well that you pool your tips and divide them equally at the end of each shift. Recently, management has voiced concerns about liquor costs being too high. You know that part of that is because the bartenders “pour heavy” when mixing drinks, but that doesn’t account for all of the costs. A couple of weeks ago you were working with Nathan and noticed that he didn’t seem to be ringing all of his cash sales into the cash register. It appeared that he was just putting the cash into the bar team tip box. The next day you talked with another team member Jamie about it and the two of you….

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option for you and your employer?

You are a salesperson for Visions Medical Equipment, a distributor of high-end CAT scan, MRI, ultrasound, x-ray, and mammography equipment. Lately, business has not been good and you have lost a number of customers to your largest competitor. Your boss has been on you about it and the declining sales have dramatically affected your commission checks. You have curtailed your spending, but your finances are starting to get really tight. You are barely able to make the minimum payments on your credit card bills and you are afraid that if your commission checks don’t start to rebound, you won’t be able to make your car and house payments. You don’t understand the loss of business; you are very good at your job and are selling the top-rated products….

. How much responsibility should the lender bear for insuring the consumer can afford his mortgage?

In early 2007 we started hearing about the meltdown in the subprime mortgage market. Essentially, subprime lending involved loaning money to people to purchase a house who couldn’t qualify for a regular mortgage, usually because of poor credit. From the consumers’ standpoint, subprime lending allowed them to purchase homes when they would not have otherwise qualified. From the lenders’ standpoint, they were able to charge higher interest rates and other costs on these loans because they were taking on additional risk. The problem arose when the borrowers were unable to make the payments and the homes went into foreclosure.

1. How much responsibility should the lender bear for insuring the consumer can afford his mortgage? 2. How much responsibility should the consumer bear for ensuring he can afford….

How much influence should property owners have in controlling their view?

Cape Wind is a project to create the United States’ first offshore wind farm on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound. The towers for the 130 wind turbines will stand 258 feet above the water with the tip of the highest blade reaching 440 feet into the air. They will be spaced six to nine football fields apart to allow the shallow draft boats that pass through or fish Horseshoe Shoal to navigate. Once operational, Cape Wind will produce up to 420 megawatts of clean, renewable energy, helping to reduce air pollution, dependence on petroleum, and energy costs for the local residents. It will also create up to a thousand jobs in manufacturing, assembly, and ocean construction, boosting the local economy and creating 150 permanent jobs, including 50 highly….

. Do you have any obligation to tell Bernardo if you apply for the job?

You are in your last semester of college and have been looking for a job. You have registered with the placement office and posted your resume online, but the jobs that are available leave a bit to be desired. In one of your classes you overhear a classmate, Bernardo, talking about an interview he had last week. Bernardo said that he really wanted the job but didn’t think his interview went particularly well. He is currently waiting to hear back from the employer. As Bernardo was describing the position, you thought it sounded very interesting, but you wondered if it would be right for you to pursue the position since Bernardo had found it first.

1. Should you apply for the job? Should you wait until Bernardo hears….

Who is your negotiation counterpart?

For this short report, think about a negotiation you have that is upcoming or you expect that will likely to occur in the future. Prepare for this negotiation in the following 5 steps and provide your answers to the questions in paragraphs in your report.

1) Identify the negotiation condition by providing the following information:

a. Who is your negotiation counterpart?

b. What are the objectives of this negotiation (main items to negotiate)?

c. What is the time frame for this negotiation (e.g., in a meeting next month or over multiple days next week)?

2) Analyze your position. What are your TP, RP, and BATNA in this negotiation? Provide justification for your TP, RP, and BATNA.

3) Explore the tangible and intangible interests for you in this negotiation…..

Draw an influence diagram for the following problem.

Draw an influence diagram for the following problem.

Hatton’s mail order company is planning to install a new computer system next year. Two possible systems are being considered:

the Gamma II and the Elite. The Gamma II will mean that the company incur higher initial costs than the Elite, but the total costs associated with the chosen system over its lifetime will also depend on whether the company decides to expand the computer system at some future date (the Gamma II system would cost less to expand). The expansion decision will be influenced by the level of sales achieved by the company over the next 3 years, while the level of sales will, in turn, be influenced by the size of the market and the amount of competition….

Determine the possible total profits that can be earned in any given week by selling television sets and calculate the probability of each of these profits being earned.

A small retail store sells a particular brand of monochrome and color television sets. Each monochrome set that is sold earns a profit of $100, while each color set earns $200 profit. The manager of the store estimates that the weekly demands for each type of set follow the probability distributions shown below. It can be assumed that the demands for each type of set are independent, as is the week-to-week demand.

(a) Determine the possible total profits that can be earned in any given week by selling television sets and calculate the probability of each of these profits being earned.

(b) The following two-digit random numbers have been generated by a computer. Use these numbers to simulate the demand for the two types of set for….