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write a research paper for this assignment, the text of this research paper must be 5–7 pages (not including title page, reference page, and any appendices).

Assignment 1: Organizational Structure Instructions

Read all instructions and the grading rubric carefully before beginning this assignment. You are responsible for reading and understanding these documents.

For this assignment, you are required to choose between producing a PowerPoint presentation, video presentation, or writing a research paper. This assignment must focus on the organizational models in public administration and the effects of those structures on personnel performance.

Read Exercises 2 and 3 in the Dresang text, the Moynihan & Pandey article, and conduct your own research. You must explain the different models of organizational design that may be utilized in public administration, the effects that these models may have on public service motivation, and an evaluation of organizational structure options in light of biblical principles.

Option 1: Research Paper


Determine how a critic of your position might try to argue against it using other ethical reasons, and present a rebuttal or counter-argument in defense of your judgment.

SMGT 503

SMGT 503

Case Analysis Instructions

You will analyze 5 cases during this course. Note that each case can be found in your textbook’s required readings. In evaluating your case analyses, instructors will apply the Case Analysis Grading Rubric. Each case analysis should be a 5–7 pages and follow the current APA guidelines. Title page and reference page in current APA formatting is required.

The basic guidelines for analyzing ethical cases are as follows:

1. Issues

a. What are the major moral or ethical issues raised by the case?

b. What are the major factual issues raised by the case?

c. What are the major conceptual issues raised by this case?

d. Who are the major stakeholders in this case?

e. How are the issues in this….

Discuss how to prevent non-law-enforcement personnel or organizations from influencing the ethics of your criminal justice professionals.

 I have attached the article from the school Library

For this assignment, you will utilize the School Online Library to locate an article that discusses a specific incident of ethical violations on the part of a police or corrections officer. The article must include a real case relating to an officer who did not adhere to his or her agency’s code of ethics.

The article should be no more than 5 years old, and the article should have been published via a reputable source (e.g., peer-reviewed journal, law enforcement organization, or industry source). Once you identify the article, you may need to do further research as you complete the following two parts for your case study.

First, provide an analysis of the case, to include a summary of….

Analyze David Hume’s arguments

David Hume’s arguments

There are three different species of goods, which we are possess’d of; the internal satisfaction of our minds, the external advantages of our body, and the enjoyment of such possessions as we have acquir’d by our industry and good fortune. We are perfectly secure in the enjoyment of the first. The second may be ravish’d from us, but can be of no advantage to him who deprives us of them. The last only are both expos’d to the violence of others, and may be transferr’d without suffering [488]any loss or alteration; while at the same time, there is not a sufficient quantity of them to supply every one’s desires and necessities. As the improvement, therefore, of these goods is the chief advantage of society, so the instability of….

Analyze this proposition using the ideas of at least two of the following writers besides Reich: Milton Friedman, Ronald Coase, William Graham Sumner, Penalver and Katyal, Property Outlaws, John-Jacques Rousseau.

A good essay will begin with a thesis that clearly summarizes your analysis of the proposition. You may agree, disagree, or agree in part and disagree in part with the proposition. Use the materials that the question requires plus other material that we have studied this semester to support your thesis. You are limited to 900 words per essay.


4. Charles Reich argued that the mid-20th century expansion of government largess threatened to undermine the protections of liberty that the Bill of Rights embodies. He argued that accepting direct governmental aid, such as welfare, social security or unemployment payments, should not give the government the power to intrude upon a citizen’s liberty. However, Reich did not face the problem of chronic homelessness that confronts many urban areas in….

compare characteristics of the system, from the early American Revolutionary Period to today, as well as discuss their impact on the current U.S. criminal justice system.

A common thread throughout this course is the intentional analysis of criminal justice through a historical lens with the hope of understanding deeply rooted issues within today’s U.S. criminal justice system. In early colonial America, religion and customs borrowed from England were the order of the day and the foundation of the American criminal justice system. How did this particular colonial perception, the understanding of criminal behavior, and the systematic response to it affect underlying regional and cultural ideologies?

For this Discussion you compare characteristics of the system, from the early American Revolutionary Period to today, as well as discuss their impact on the current U.S. criminal justice system.

By Day 3

Post by Day 3, two crimes and their respective punishments during the Revolutionary Period (1718–1797). Explain one social….

Discuss your perspective on your selected social issue, including the reasons for your viewpoint.

Case Study   Project

(first draft and revised draft)


For this final project you will continue with the social issue that you   selected (language and power; freedom and security; health and wealth)   and you will write an essay where you discuss your perspective. You will use   the ideas and information from the summary-response and the quote log to   write your case study. You will submit a first draft and a revised draft of   this assignment.


Describe a “real life”        instance of your selected social issue in a professional or a personal        setting. Discuss your perspective   on your selected social issue, including the reasons for your viewpoint. Discuss how your core        values inform or influence your perspective on your selected social        issue. Demonstrate that you        are really thinking….

provide the name of the case, the holding of the case, and an explanation of how you believe the decision played a role in policy changes.

Overview: In this course, the journal will be used for reflection in Module Four. Occasionally, the United States Supreme Court makes decisions that are considered groundbreaking (abortion, gay marriage, death penalty, civil rights). In turn, these court decisions can affect public policies. These changes are often the result of the changes in public opinion that stem from them. Often, the response of policy actors, such as the media and local governmental agencies, to the court decision plays a role in these policy changes. For this journal, you will research and locate at least one United States Supreme Court case that you believe influenced state or federal decisions or actions about your selected public policy issue that in turn will influence your departmental policy. The Module Four resource U.S…..

Provide instructions explaining how the staff should handle a litigation hold.

You are the manager of the Medical Records Department at Rasmussen Hospital and were recently reviewing the organization’s current Document Retention Policy (linked below).

Download: Document Retention Policy 

The current policy addresses the retention and destruction of medical records in the normal course of business. However, you noticed that it does not include instructions for how employees should respond to a litigation hold. Ultimately, the policy will need to be updated, but in the meantime, you decide to create a short training document to educate the staff.


In a two (2) page training document, written using proper spelling and grammar, as well as professional tone and vocabulary, address the items below.

Differentiate between the three (3) legal terms below by explaining each and comparing them to one another…..

Discuss both side’s arguments

Dylan enters into a franchise agreement with The Massage Garage (“TMG”) , a national massage chain located primarily in shopping malls and airports. Dylan’s franchise is located in the Syracuse New York Airport. His agreement with TMG provides that TMG will not license another franchisee at a location closer than 12 miles from Dylan’s location. The agreement also identifies Dylan’s location as “Syracuse, New York Airport.”

Eighteen months later, Dylan is doing well with his business, but learns that TMG is planning on licensing a franchise to Warren in the Carousel Mall in Syracuse. The mall is 13 miles by car from Dylan’s storefront, but only 11.5 miles from the Eastern most edge of the Syracuse Airport.

Dylan writes to TMG, protesting and stating that this is a….