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describe the nature of the regeneration that took place, analysing it in relation to one or more of the key models or frameworks of urban tourism (e.g. Laws 1996 or Tyler 2002).

COURSE TITTLE: URBAN AND CULTURAL TOURISM The Assignment Task Your task is to critically analyse the role of cultural and urban tourism in the regeneration of a chosen city or major town. You have to ensure that there is enough information freely available on not only what changes occurred but also the processes that the national and local government, the private sector and other stakeholders, e.g. residents’ groups, used to bring about the changes. The town or city you chose should have gone through a process of economic decline and rebirth and you should explore the reasons for this rebirth, or attempted rebirth, and then explain how and why it was regenerated in the way it was. You should draw conclusions, based on theory, in order to assess….

What is the optimal profit and what are the optimal number of Top Lathes and Big Presses?

King City Inc. manufactures machine tools. The production planner who oversees the production of two of King City’s machines needs to determine how many of each to produce this month. The two machines, Top Lathe and Big Press, each require a certain common component. Each Top Lathe requires 10 of these components and each Big Press requires 7. Only 49 components are available this month. The sales department requires that the total number of machines produced in a month must be at least 5 (the number Top Lathes plus the number Big Presses must be at least 5). The profit for a Top Lathe is $50,000 and $34,000 for a Big Press.

a. Assuming that adequate labor and all other resources are available, formulate an integer programming model….

Formulate and solve the nurse scheduling problem as an integer program for one day for the data given below.

Hospital administrators must schedule nurses so that the hospital’s patients are provided adequate care. At the same time, careful attention must be paid to keeping costs down. From historical records, administrators can project the minimum number of nurses required to be on hand for various times of day and days of the week. The objective is to find the minimum total number of nurses required to provide adequate care. Nurses start work at the beginning of one of the four-hour shifts given below (except for shift 6) and work for 8 consecutive hours. Hence, possible start times are the start of shifts 1 through 5. Also, assume that the projected required number of nurses factors in time for each nurse to have a meal break. Formulate and solve….

Solve the model formulated in part a. What is the minimal amount of trim loss?

STAR Co. provides paper to smaller companies with volumes that are not large enough to warrant dealing directly with the paper mill. STAR receives 100-feet-wide paper rolls from the mill and cuts the rolls into smaller rolls of widths 12, 15, and 30 feet. The demands for these widths vary from week to week. The following cutting patterns have been established:

Trim loss is the leftover paper from a pattern (e.g., for pattern 4, 2(12) 11(15) 1 2(30) 5 99 feet used results in 100 2 99 51foot of trim loss). Orders in hand for the coming week are 5,670 12-foot rolls, 1,680 15-foot rolls, and 3,350 30-foot rolls. Any of the three types of rolls produced in excess of the orders in hand will be sold….