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Review the S-l registration statement for a company that has recently gone public.

Review the S-l registration statement for a company that has recently gone public. Assess the size of the offering and the initial stock price. List five items in the filing that are newsworthy and should be included in a story about the stock offering.

Pretend you are the editor of a magazine that follows bank stocks. You arrange a Q&A interview with the manager of a mutual fund that invests in bank stocks. The mutual fund is part of the magazine's 401(k) retirement plan, and the editor is part of the plan. Should you conduct the interview, or should you find a staff member who is not invested in the retirement plan to conduct the interview? If you find a staff member to conduct the interview should you….

Check the courthouse one day for lawsuits that may be potential stories.

You're a reporter for a local newspaper, and you're checking the courthouse one day for lawsuits that may be potential stories. You find that a convenience store chain is suing a local doughnut manufacturer to terminate a contract requiring that only its doughnuts be sold at the store's locations because sales have dropped. The convenience store chain wants to start selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts as well. The file includes documents from the doughnut manufacturer that are marked “confidential” and “private” submitted as evidence by the convenience store chain. Do you use them as part of your story?

write a story about the allegations

The state insurance department has filed charges against a local insurance company alleging that it doesn't have enough assets to cover its policies and needs to be placed into regulatory supervision. You call the insurance company and talk to the CEO, who tells you that if you write a story about the allegations, the insurer will likely go under because policyholders will get scared and take their money out of the company. He even gets the company's attorney on the phone via conference call, and the attorney makes similar claims. Do you write the story and run it in tomorrow's newspaper?


Incorporate Rhetorical Question, Evidence and facts with Time Connective

Money does not Fall from Trees</o:p>

“Mummy, I want that Lego set!!! Please… I’ll be good.”</o:p>

“Not today Lucas, maybe when you are well-behaved, I’ll get it another day.”</o:p>

“But it might run out stock.”</o:p>

“I’m sure they’ll replenish. No more buts.”</o:p>

“Please….” </o:p>

“Fine. But don’t open it without my permission.”</o:p>

A few days later, it had been opened with little Lucas abusing his Mum’s authority. The following weeks weren’t any better and the pattern repeated. Summarising the events three weeks later there were pieces missing. Some vacuumed, some binned and some just misplaced.</o:p>


This is not an uncommon scene to many as we have definitely come across this in many families. This introduces a well debated topic, “Is Too Much Money Spent on….

Analyze the data below

The data below are the 1976 team performance statistics for the teams in the National FootballLeague (source: The Sporting News). National Football League 1976 Team Performance.Team Y X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9Washington10 2113 1985 38.9 64.7 +4 868 59.7 2205 1917Minnesota11 2003 2855 38.8 61.3 +3 615 55.0 2096 1575New England11 2957 1737 40.1 60.0 +14 914 65.6 1847 2175Oakland13 2285 2905 41.6 45.3 -4 957 61.4 1903 2476Pittsburg10 2971 1666 39.2 53.8 +15 836 66.1 1457 1866Baltimore11 2309 2927 39.7 74.1 +8 786 61.0 1848 2339Los Angels10 2528 2341 38.1 65.4 +12 754 66.1 1564 2092Dallas11 2147 2737 37.0 78.3 -1 797 58.9 2476 2254Atlanta4 1689 1414 42.1 47.6 -3 714 57.0 2577 2001Buffalo2 2566 1838 42.3 54.2 -1 797 58.9 2476 2254Chicago7….

Do the data present sufficient evidence to indicate that the average coverage differs from 400 square feet?

Labels on 1-gallon cans of paint usually indicate the drying time and the area that can be covered in one coat. Most brands of paint indicate that, in one coat, a gallon will cover between 250 and 500 square feet, depending on the texture of the surface to be painted. One manufacturer, however, claims that a gallon of its paint will cover 400 square feet of surface area. To test this claim, a random sample of ten 1-gallon cans of white paint were used to paint 10 identical areas using the same kind of equipment. The actual areas (in square feet) covered by these 10 gallons of paint are given here:

310 311 412 368 447 376 303 410 365 350

Do the data present sufficient evidence to….

Develop an inventory plan to help SH 

Shimano Racing Bike Company (SH), located in Seattle, is a wholesale distributor of bicycles and bicycle parts. Formed in 1981 by University of Washington Professor Yong Pin Zhou, the firm’s primary retail outlets are located within a 400 mile radius of the distribution center. These retail outlets receive the order from SH within 2 days after notifying the distribution center, provided that the stock is available. However, if an order is not fulfilled by the company, no backorder is placed; the retailers arrange to get their shipment from other distributors, and SH loses the amount of business.

The company distributes a wide variety of bicycles. The most popular model, and the major source of revenue to the company, is the AirWing. SH receives all the models from a….

How should fiona approach the psychologist

Fiona has obsessive-compulsive disorder. She has many intrusive thoughts, but the most frightening is that when using a sharp knife, she loses control and stabs her son, severely injuring or perhaps even killing him. Fiona loves her son and is a good mother. She is horrified about these thoughts and does not want to act on them. Yet she is so afraid that she will lose control that she has taken all the knives out of the house (including the butter knives). She has also removed all the scissors. She made an appointment to see a psychologist, but she is worried. What if the psychologist thinks she is crazy?

How would you handle this situation? Did the researcher commit any ethical violations?

Mr. A. brings his daughter to participate in a study comparing treatments for childhood social phobia. The researcher is required to get one parent to sign the consent form and checks that Mom and Dad are married (they are). The researcher mentions that it is unusual for a father to bring a child for treatment—usually it is the mom. Dad replies that it is easier for him to do it because he is self-employed. Dad provides a cell phone number and the home number as a backup. The little girl never misses an appointment—Dad always brings her. When trying to schedule the 3-month follow-up appointment, Dad’s cell phone does not seem to be working, so the research assistant calls the house. Mom answers, and when the research assistant….

What is the corresponding number of meals to be sold?

Imagine you are head of the food and beverage department in a large Los Angeles hotel complex. One of the hotel’s restaurants currently generates an ROI of 11%, based on a value of € 400,000 in total activities attributable to the restaurant itself. The percentage ebit is on average 30%. The restaurant manager believes that by reducing prices by 5%, the restaurant’s profitability would increase. Currently, the average revenue per meal served is €50. a. What is the asset turnover ratio of the restaurant? (10 points) b. If the price cut is adopted, what is the new level of revenues required in order not to reduce ROI? (10 points) C. What is the corresponding number of meals to be sold? (5 points)