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Antimicrobial activity of monocaprin and natural products containing monocaprin: a systemic review

What is the evidence-based justification (rationale) of your research project?  It is advised that this section is written early in the project as it will form the basis of your introduction. What is the research question that you will answer or the hypothesis that you will test? Follow a clearly described protocol in performing and reporting the review.  ThePRISMA-P checklistis a useful guide What are your inclusion and exclusion criteria?  Which search criteria and sources (databases, reviews, grey literature) will you use? What are the key references? What are your search terms? Keep a diary with dated entries of your progress and activities.  It is particularly important that you note the date that you carry out searches of relevant research papers, and the number of hits per search….


Reducing Accounting Frauds Risks within Fintech Organisations


Financial technology (Fintech) entails new technology which aims to automate and enhance the delivery and utilisation of financial services and is used by companies, business owners, or individuals to improve processes (Ng and Kwok, 2017). Besides its perceived benefits, the technology has also faced possible risks of accounting frauds (Ryu, 2018). Therefore, the research will focus on evaluating the response of different Fintech organisations in cushioning their firms from the risks of accounting frauds.

Research Aims

To quantify the risks of accounting frauds in financial technology organisations To examine the measures undertaken by various financial technology organisations to prevent the risks of accounting frauds

Research Question

What strategies have financial technology organisations adopted to reduce risks of accounting frauds?

Literature and….

produce an information pack


Management accounting is division of bookkeeping which deals with dimension, examination and clarification of financial material so as to be castoff to aid directors to essential judgments to excellently achieve corporation’s operations. The branch tends to scrutinize several procedures and other operative metrics in command to render facts into detailed material which may be leveraged.

For managerial accounting to achieve its goals it always apply different techniques which includes; the verge enquiry which is disturbed through the increment welfares or improved creation. Constraint analysis is another technique which involves the production lines of business identity. Capital costing is worried with the breakdown of material essential to style the indispensable verdicts correlated to investment outflows. The other practice is the portfolio estimation and creation appraisal which contains the….

 Incorporate multi-modal elements (handout, audio/visual clip, PowerPoint, etc.) in your presentation.

ENG 201 01 Summer I Presentation Assignment

· Due: , June 7, at 1:00 p.m. EST

· Length: 5-7 minutes

· Format: MLA or APA style (including in-text citations and list of Works Cited/References)

· Submit to: Moodle

· Prompt: Your presentation will focus on the author of your selected book. The goal of the presentation is to inform your audience about the author’s life and literary career. Here are some questions to consider:

What are their most important publications?

What awards have they won?

How have critics and the public received their work?

Has their work generated any controversy?

Who are their literary influences?

Incorporate multi-modal elements (handout, audio/visual clip, PowerPoint, etc.) in your presentation. It is imperative that you work on this assignment consistently throughout the….

Describe how the dimensions of social styles presented within the text allow project managers to communicate effectively with project team members.

There are two discussions here that need to be responded to thoroughly. Responses must be on APA format 150+words 1-2 legitimate verifiable sources per response.

CIS5554 discussion 1 post responses.

Respond to the colleagues posts regarding:

“Managing vs. Leading” Please respond to the following:

• Project managers must have a clear distinction between managing versus leading. Describe at least three characteristics that distinguish managing from leading within the software project management discipline. Explain how the attributes identified may be exemplified and portrayed by you, the project manager.

• Project managers are responsible for maintaining the morale of the project team. Assess the typical activities that a project manager must perform to ensure that the human factors and psychological elements of job satisfaction are present within the project team.


demonstrate your information literacy skills


This desktop research will be a section of your Research Report called Situation Analysis which focuses on the Industry, Company, and Brand.

You will demonstrate your information literacy skills by gathering

35 infographics regarding the: Industry (restaurant)

35 infographics regarding the: Company (McDonald’s Corporation)

35 infographics regarding the: Brand (McDonald’s)

Discuss how would you lead and work with people with varied personality traits.

Section A – Chapter 4 – Leader as an Individual

Bob Iger, Walt Disney Company

Bob Iger thought he was going to be CEO of Capital Cities/ABC. Instead, the company was sold to the Walt Disney Company and Iger worked for 10 years under Disney CEO Michael Eisner before taking the top job himself. Rather than let the disappointment get him down, Iger absorbed all he could at Disney and feels grateful for working with the former CEO. However, by the time Iger took over, relationships in and outside the company were strained. Eisner was known as a micromanaging, imperious, and aggressive leader. Iger, a quiet, behind-the-scenes guy, seemed an odd choice. “There were many naysayers,” recalls one investor. Iger didn’t let the criticism bother him. He began….

How do you define equality? Are the citizens of the story truly “equal”? How about citizens of today, 2020 USA?

Module 1 Discussion Board

Now that you have read and broadly reflected on Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Begeron” we move to a more focused discussion. Please watch my short lecture where I discuss the story and then continue to answering the following questions

1. How do you define equality? Are the citizens of the story truly “equal”? How about citizens of today, 2020 USA?

2. The story allows us to rethink the theme of equality by pushing us to the extreme: “what if we were all truly equal” would that actually be a good thing? What are the pros and cons? Should we be equal?

3. If Harrison were allowed to declare himself Emperor, how do you think he would have changed society? Would it have been better, worse, or….

write a dissertation proposal.

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