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Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act – Immigration and Refugee Protection Act – how these sources fit in the broader literature concerning immigration and refugees in Canada

Locate and provide a summary and analysis of several statutes and government documents. You will be asked to discuss how these sources fit in the broader literature concerning immigration and refugees in Canada.


Your summary and analysis should include all SEVEN parts below and address ALL questions asked. Use the major headings of the parts below in your essay.



Part I: Locating A Government Document (4 Marks)


You are required to find, cite and annotate ONE relevant source on the subject of refugees or immigrants in the Canadian context.

The source must be a government document (parliamentary or non-parliamentary).


You must properly cite the source at first mention. The quality of the source will be considered in your grade. The….

Current Event – Free and Fair Trade or Budgetary Issue

Option 1: Find a recent article (less than one month old) from a reputable news source concerning a Free and Fair Trade issue between at least two countries.

Summarize the article. What is the issue? Explain why this issue is important to the global community. Evaluate the source. What is your opinion?

Option 2: Find a recent article (less than one month old) from a reputable news source concerning a proposed budgetary change.

Summarize the article. What is the issue? Explain who is affected most from the change? Evaluate the source. What is your opinion?

Writing Requirements (APA format). Refer to the APA manual.

Length: 3 full pages (not including the title or references page) 1-inch margins Double-Spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Title and Reference page required APA cite….

Racial Wage Gap in the United States of America

Peer Reviewed Source #1

Citation: Kerr, C., & Walsh, R. (December 2014). Racial wage disparity in US cities. Race and Social Problems, 6(4), 305-327.




Important Points: Racial wage gaps are present in the United States, however, it isn’t a national issue. The racial wage gap varies from city to city and in some places doesn’t exist at all. There may be a large gap in cities in the south but there also cities in the north where the gap is not prevalent. “The estimated gaps from the 1990 Census are slightly skewed right with an average value of −0.11 and range from −0.24 to 0.11, implying as much as an 11 % premium or a 24 % penalty on black wages depending on location. The estimated gaps from the….

demonstrate that your database meets the requirements of the system.

CI7300: Data Management and Governance Coursework : Database Design & Development


Delphi Promotions is a promotions company that handles advertising campaigns for its clients. Clients approach the company with the product or product range that they wish to promote and Delphi develop an initial proposal for a range of possible campaigns. When the client agrees to a specific campaign from the portfolio, a contract is signed and Delphi produce the required adverts and arrange for the relevant press and magazine advertising space, web space, radio or TV air-time or poster locations.

It is important for Delphi to keep track of the campaigns they are running for clients. At present all documentation for a campaign is held on paper. This system worked well when the number of clients….

Ethical Considerations 6 points Please review the APA Ethical Guidelines Concerning Human Participants in Research (Hint: they are in Chapter 4) and identify at least three that are important for your particular study.

Week 5 Assignment: Sampling and Participant Treatment


Instructions: Use this worksheet to strategize your sampling procedure and any ethical concerns that may arise with this group. Reviewing Chapters 4 and 5 will be helpful for this assignment. Please write in complete sentences.

Provide Hypothesis For convenience, please paste your hypothesis here. Target Population 3 points Please describe your target population. In other words, who would you like your study to generalize to? Accessible Population 3 points Please describe your accessible population. Sample Characteristics 4 points How many people will you need for your study? In addition to needing statistical power to find an effect, consider:

· The sample size that will be representative of your population

If you are having any conditions in your study, how you will have enough….

Describe techniques used to gather required information for system analysis

In this assignment you will model the behaviour of systems or subsystems for two of your most complex use cases using two UML diagrams (activity diagram and system sequence diagram) and write the extended use case description. You must also submit test plans and screens developed using InVision. Section 3 describes the motivation behind the design of this assignment. Section 4 provides information on how and what to submit (note that Moodle has been setup so there is only one submission from each group). Section 5 explains the tasks for individual and group work. You will find the criteria for marking your submission in Section 6. 3. MOTIVATION. The purpose of the assignment is to ensure that you know: 1. How to write extended use case texts. 2…..

Discuss in detail the argument he uses to establish this claim.

Instructions: Please answer all of the following questions. Send your exams via email—NOT Canvas—as a word of pdf file. (1) In the “Myth of Gyges,” Glaucon argues that no one is just for justice sake. Discuss in detail the argument he uses to establish this claim. (2) Natural law theorists have developed two principles that are crucial in making moral judgments: the principle of forfeiture and the principle of double effect. Discuss both of these principles in detail. (3) Discuss in detail the Euthyphro dilemma. Why is this a problem for the divine command theorist?

analyse the data premised on hypothetical relationships the senior manager has developed and report the findings to him.

Scenario for AS3, Data Analysis Special events are designed to address customers’ needs. Satisfying these needs might be triggered intrinsically or extrinsically and varies from learning new things to interact with spatial or socialising with others. Furthermore, the literature on customer engagement supports the view that engaged customers may perceive higher quality because they customize the experience to their own needs to enjoy the special event more. A senior manager of a special event wishes to understand if customer motives encourage engagement with a special event. Further, this manager wants to know if customer engagement really improves perceived quality of special event. This manager designed the below research model and asked his marketing research department to collect data to address these issues. As a part of the team,….