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International HRM – What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a multicultural and diverse managerial group comprising the female and male managers from both countries (A and B)

Module Title: International HRM

Assessment Information

This assignment is designed to assess the following learning outcomes:

Demonstrate sound knowledge about the relationship between the impact of culture on organisational life. 2. Identify key areas of similarity and difference in HR practice between countries. 3. Link the choice of strategic international HR with international business strategy approaches. 4. Measure the impact and effectiveness of international assignments.

This assignment is an individual coursework that has 2 components:


Component 1:


The Headquarters (HQ) of a Multinational Corporation (MNC) from a sector and country (A) of your choice is planning to implement a common International Talent Management strategy and Training development management practices across one of its global subsidiaries.  The MNC will send a group of 2 female and 2….

You are an SCM for Acme Co., and the plant director wants to ensure that there will be sufficient logistic support for the anticipated production schedule

Case Analysis Scenario and Questions

You are an SCM for Acme Co., and the plant director wants to ensure that there will be sufficient logistic support for the anticipated production schedule. A key question for the plant director is “Will I be able to meet the production requirement of the anticipated market demand given my capacity?” The plant accountant is also concerned about profit given the rising cost of materials and shipping costs. Some of the key questions on the plant accountant’s mind are “What will this production run cost so that I can ensure that we have adequate cash flows?” and “What will our profit be given our product mix and shipping costs?” Use the accompanying case study data sheet for the underlying data. In order to….

Enables you to draw on your personal experience of leadership as follows:  experience on placement; leadership in a sporting role, leadership at work, leadership in a charity or a student union

The learning and knowledge gained in writing this portfolio will help you in your pursuit of a career or further study. The portfolio is centred on ‘you’ and ‘your knowledge and understanding of leadership. You will write the portfolio in the first person and in a reflective style.


Section 1: Involves you writing a general introduction to the portfolio with a personal statement about ‘you’; Section 2: This is where you demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of leadership today and the future; incorporating evidence from academics through to leading experts in the field of leadership.  You will have the opportunity to draw on current issues such as leadership and diversity, sustainability and ethics in the workplace. Section 3: Provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your….

How does the humanities cultivate in students the ability to see themselves as members of a heterogeneous nation (for all modern nations are heterogeneous) and a still more heterogeneous world?

***Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities by Martha Nussbaum, Princeton University Press, 2016 (ISBN: 9780691173320) ***


See instructions below from professor: ***Two Pages***

After watching the attached video and reading Chapter 5 ( Citizens of the World pg 79-94) of the Not for Profit book. Your response must be approximately 450 words in length. What I really want to see is sincerity and open-mindedness in your personal reflection and clear engagement with the reading. The papers should be double-spaced, maximum 12-point type, maximum one-inch margins on all sides, in a MLA format.

Dr. Martha Nussbaum, Philosopher and Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago.


Dr. Kwame Anthony Appiah, Professor of Philosophy and Law at New York University.



Please answer….

Elaborate on the current trend in the area of humility in leadership, it’s effect on subordinates, how to measure this qualities of humility, and how to identify them in others

1. .

2. Include an introduction of the topic that includes a historical definition based on literature

3. Include a discussion of the current research in the field over the last 5 years.

4. Include a section that addresses future questions that will need to be addressed and/or explored in research. What do we need to explore next? What areas/questions are other researchers saying we still don’t know.

5. Use a minimum of ten substantial journal article resources as references.

6. Minimum of 10pages in length (not including the title page, abstract, or reference pages)

7. Include APA style reference page at the bottom.

position in the Apple Valley School district-describes the work of two learning theorists and how you might apply the work of each theorist to the position you are seekin

You are applying for a position in the Apple Valley School district and know that there are several other applicants vying for the position. The district prides itself on employing teachers who not only understand how children learn but can apply theory to practice. As part of the application process you have been asked to write an essay (3-4 pages) that describes the work of two learning theorists and how you might apply the work of each theorist to the position you are seeking. The district has informed you that they are assessing your knowledge of learning theory as well as your writing skills. In the essay you need to do the following: A. Describe the work of two learning theorists B. Provide four or more examples of….

E-waste is also referred to as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and is solid waste that has become a very complex problem in terms of collection, storage, recycling and disposal.

Handling e-waste is an international issue experienced by developed and developing countries alike. Consider the ubiquitous cell phone, which has valuable material inside such as plastics, gold, silver and platinum but it also contains toxic materials like lead, mercury and cadmium. For both reasons, it seems a waste and a hazard to just throw cell phones away in a landfill.

You may want to visit the EPA site on eCycling (Links to an external site.) as you begin answering the following questions in your Main Discussion Board Post.

Do you think that manufacturers of computers, television sets, cell phones, batteries and other forms of electronic devices should be required to take them back when they become e-waste at the ends of their useful lives for repair, remanufacture and….

How does evidence-based practice in public health nursing differ from evidence-based practice in acute care?


Why is it important to use evidence when designing interventions in public health nursing?





Part 2: Evaluating and Selecting Appropriate Evidence

Locate five sources of evidence that discuss interventions for the public health problem you identified in PH4002. You can find scholarly articles in the Walden Library and find evidence housed within the Community Guide as a starting point for your search. You can also use one scholarly resource from the CDC, NIH, or other reputable health websites.

·         Use APA style for your citations.

·         For each of your sources, perform a systematic review: summarize the information….