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Assess the impact of Corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the organization’s principles such as missions, reputation, management and communication strategy

Assignment purposes: 

To critically analyze the CSR initiatives within major organization and to assess their effectiveness. To understand various CSR approaches and determine which approaches are most authentic and impactful Assess the impact of CSR on the organization’s principles such as missions, reputation, management and communication strategy Explore the business, societal, environmental and ethical issues regarding this organization’s CSR programs To utilize, assess and synthesize research in a coherent and logical manner. To polish written and oral communication skills.



Research, write and present a comprehensive paper and presentation about a major corporation with specific focus on its CSR initiatives and issues. Deliverables include Written paper in APA or MLA academic style Outline of recommended NEW CSR plan for the company. This should include changes….

Definitions i.e employability, business university lecturer etc

Definitions i.e employability, business university lecturer etc Overview on the current Labour market Who the employers are e.g Universities, Colleges and High Schools. Identification of the key requirements (explain I will need to go on and complete a masters, PHD etc to become a university lecturer) Examine and define the skills and hidden skills within the role (e.g resilience) Investigate and explain how employers recruit and salaries I could receive. How to navigate into this career?

Finally, write a concise conclusion

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND): Current Issues and Concerns.Critically analyse and evaluate theory, legislation, policy and guidance, critical reading relating to pupils with SEN and practice relating to inclusion/SEND

Learning Outcomes 1. Critically analyse and evaluate theory, legislation, policy and guidance, critical reading relating to pupils with SEN and practice relating to inclusion/SEND 2. Identify and critically analyse contemporary issues concerning inclusion/SEND, reflexively thinking about the dilemmatic nature of such issues. (Equally weighted) Core Assignment Brief Drawing on theory, practice and legislation as the basis for your critical analysis, consider one current issue/concern associated with inclusion/SEND. Expanded Assignment Brief 1. Select one inclusion/SEND current issue or concern you wish to explore. Aim to be specific, for example, avoid a general topic such as partnership with parents/carers of children with SEND. Instead unpick one key issue associated with SEND parent/carer partnership. 2. Formulate your key issue as a statement/question. The chosen statement/question should support you in the development….

A case study about Reboot Systems: bridging digital divide – the green way

Report. The task for the second assignment includes a strategic analysis of a given company. Specifically, students are required to identify factors influencing the company strategy and evaluate the main issues and challenges. Task guidelines and tips: Please follow the following format and suggested wording per each section: Table of Contents 1. Introduction (300 words) You need to identify to the marker the purpose of the report and information you will provide in your report. 2. Overview of Company Strategy (300 words) Introduce the case study and discuss the company’s strategic goals. Their vision and mission statements need to be discussed in-depth in this section. 3. Evaluation of Environmental Impacts (900 words) PESTEL analysis Porter’s 5 forces analysis 4. Strategic Capabilities and Sources of Competitive Advantage (1000 words)….

Quality Improvement Using Evidence Based Nursing Practice

Using a critiquing tool, the report will appraise the current evidence referenced in the policy/guidline, identify and analyse additional relevant evidence and make recommendations based on the principles of uality improvement. It will also acknowledge the importance of collaborative working to support quality improvement. A 500 word literature search of the evidence to support the critique of policy/ guideline. Rate the guidline evidence- based practice (evidence from research, evidence of clinical expertise, evidence of patient values).

an essay elaborating on the key operation, logistics and supply chain management issues faced by the operations and supply chain manager(s) in this particular organisation / business.

1. Knowledge outcome – You will be able to develop your  understandings of operations, logistics and SCM in organisations and how these contribute to organisational success 2. Intellectual /transferable skills outcome – You will be able to consider a complex scenario related to operations, logistics and SCM and apply quantitative or qualitative techniques to contribute to its solution.

Your summative assessment for this module takes the form of an essay in 2500 words. This is an individual assignment. You must choose an organisation or business like an automotive company (manufacturing industry) or a hospital (service sector). You are not supposed to choose any company which we are dealing with in seminars like Arnold Palmer hospital or Frito Lay. You need to produce an essay elaborating on the key….

Discuss how Human Resource Management (HRM) concept(s) enable(s) any organizations to better perform with examples

Write an individual reflection on what you have learned in BUS20322 and how the covered human resource management topic(s) is/are useful to you and/or organizations. The word length goes from 450 words to 550 words.

Here are the guidelines of writing the reflection:

1. Introduction 1.1 Briefly explain the purpose(s) of writing this reflection.

2. Reflection 2.1 Briefly explain what you have learned in the course. 2.2 Discuss how HRM concept(s) is/are applied or relevant to your own life. For example, acquiring the knowledge of recruitment and selections allows you to better prepare for securing a job 2.3 Discuss how HRM concept(s) enable(s) any organizations to better perform with examples

3. ConclusionBriefly summarize section 2.

U.S. Military – Sexual Assault in Training

Sexual assault is an insidious problem in the United States military. In 2005 the Department of Defense (DoD) created the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, which centralizes responsibility for sexual assault training. However, this training initiative has undergone little evaluation by outside researchers. Addressing this need, we analyzed responses from over 24,000 active duty personnel who completed the 2010 DoD Workplace and Gender Relations Survey. We assessed whether sexual assault training exposure (None, Minimal, Partial, or Comprehensive) predicted accurate knowledge of sexual assault resources and protocols. Using a social-ecological framework, we investigated whether institutional and individual factors influenced Service members’ training exposure and judgment of training effectiveness. According to our results, exposure to comprehensive training predicted lower sexual assault incidence and superior knowledge. However, comprehensive training differed….

Marketing and Communication Techniques – Describe areas of the 4 and 5Ps that will be addressed in the marketing mix

Overview: For this milestone, due in Module Seven, you will defend the specific marketing and communication strategies you have come up with to support the service you are proposing for Bellevue Hospital. In addition, you will explain the communication strategies you will use to involve the internal and external stakeholders of the healthcare organization that will be impacted by the service you are proposing for the hospital. Note that the stakeholders are unique from your target market. These stakeholders are the individuals who will either partner with you to employ the plan or be impacted by the implementation of the plan. Prompt: Review the Module Seven resources as well as the activities throughout the course. Pay particular attention to the marketing exercises in which you explored various marketing….